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Officiall information

Competetion venue
International federation
Organising federation
Local organising committee
Responsible persons FIG
FIG Sports Acrobatics Technical Committee (COM-ACRO)
Organising Committee
Official hotels
Media and media conferences
Orientation meeting
Judges instruction
Judges panels
Jury of appeal
Training plan
Drawing of lots for the starting order
Opening ceremony
Medal award ceremonies
Competition attire - publicity
Athletes measuring
National anthems and flags
Pictorial declaration of exercises
Medical services
Doping control
Seating for delegations
Video recording
Farewell party

Competetion venue
Competition Hall:
“Handball Sports Center”,
Russia, Krasnodar, Pochtovaya st., 39
Training and Accreditation:
Sports Club “Machuga”,
Russia, Krasnodar, Blagoeva st., 1
Phone: +7 8612 37 24 23
Fax: +7 8612 37 17 06

International federation
Federation Internationale de Gymnastique
10 Rue des Oeuches
Case postale 359
2740 Moutier 1
Phone: + 41 32 494 64 10
Fax: + 41 32 494 64 19

Organising federation
Russian Gymnastics Federation in cooperation with the
Russian Sports Acrobatics Federation
OC of the 1st Sportsacrobatics World Cup Final 2003
Office 456
Louzhnetsakaya nab., 8
Moscow, Russia, 119 871
Phone: +7 095 725 47 16
Fax: +7 095 725 47 16

Local organising committee
Kuban Sports Acrobatics Federation
350 028, Russia, Krasnodar, pos. Pashkovskyi
Gogolya st., 60/2
Phone : +7 8612 37 42 40
Fax : +7 8612 37 75 20
350 061, Russia, Krasnodar, Blagoeva st., 1
Phone: +7 8612 37 24 23
Fax : +7 8612 37 17 06

Responsible persons FIG
Mr. Bruno Grandi - President
Mr. Dr. Michel Léglise - Vice-President and
President Medical Commission
Mr. Andre F. Gueisbuhler - Deputy Secretary General
Mrs. Claudia Schönsleben - FIG Events
Mr. Volker Minkus - Official FIG Photogapher
Mr. Didier Miéville - Media / Official FIG Website
Mrs. Vera Atkinson - Media Officer

FIG Sports Acrobatics Technical Committee (COM-ACRO)
Dr. Patricia Wade - President
Mr. Victor Pestov - Vice President
Mr. Kurt Becker - Vice President
Mrs. Tonia Case-Patterson - Secretary
Mrs. Rosy Taemans - Member
Mr. Konrad Zielinski - Member
Dr. Louis Duarte - Member

Organising Committee
Mr. Yuri Barzykin - President
Mr. Nikolai Priz - Vice President
Mr. Yuri Zolotov - Vice President
Mr. Vladimir Ivachenko - Vice President
Mr. Natalia Machuga - Secretary General
Mr. Leonid Pesok - Technical Director
Mr. Vladimir Polichko - Finances
Mr. Murat Akhedzhak - Press / Media
Mr. Anatoli Melnik - Accommodation
Mr. Denis Raskov - Transport
Mr. Oleg Machuga - Accreditation
Mr. Nikolai Gondscharov - Security
Dr. Vitaly Tchepotin - Medical Service

Official hotels
- Hotel “Moskva”
Krasnaya st., 73
Tel: +7 8612 531807
Fax: +7 8612 530100
- Hotel of Agrobusiness Institute
Machuga st., 78
Tel: +7 8612
Fax: +7 8612

Full board is included in the accommodation packages booked through the
OC. Breakfast will be served at the hotel; Lunch and Dinner will be served
in the Competition Hall. The Heads of Delegation will receive meal tickets
upon arrival at accreditation.

Transfers by bus to and from Krasnodar Airport or Railway Station to the
official hotels, as well as from the official hotels to the training and
competition venue will be provided to the delegations who booked their
accommodation through the Organising Committee.

Machuga Sports Club,
Blagoeva st., 1
The accreditation system identifies individuals participating in the
Championships and ensures controlled access to each area. All
participants and officials are required to wear Accreditation Cards at all
At accreditation the Heads of Delegation must check the correct names of
their complete delegation, verify accommodation requirements, and make
the necessary payments, hand in their national anthem, national flag and
the music tapes of the competitors. They also have to present the
passports of all competitors and judges for the control of Nationality and
age as well as a proof for insurance cover.
The accreditation is personal, non transferable and compulsory to control
access to training and competition hall, functions and official transport.
As far as the number of accreditations per federations is concerned, the
maximum size of delegation is as follows:
Head of Delegation 1
Acrobats qualified acrobats only
Coaches 1-2 *
Doctor /Physiotherapist 1
Judges 2
* = 1 coach if qualified in one category only
2 coaches if qualified in two or more categories

Media and media conferences
Media representatives (journalists, photographers, TV) must request a
special accreditation from the OC. Please contact the OC as soon as
The media will be assigned special seating and working conditions.
An opening Media Conference will be held Friday, 11th April 2003 at 18:00
hours in the Machuga Hall.
All gold medal winners of this 1st Sports Acrobatics World Cup Final will be
presented to the media immediately after the closing ceremony
Friday,12thApril 2003 at 17:30 hours.
The participation is compulsory for all gold medal winners. The National
track suit and the medals must be worn.
Please note that late and/or no participation will cause substantial fines
(sanctions) as per the decisions taken by the Council 2002 . (T.R. 4.11.14)

Orientation meeting
The orientation meeting will take place Friday, 11 April 2003 at 09:00
hours. This meeting is for the heads of delegation and judges.
This meeting will take place in the Competition Hall.
It will be followed directly by the judges draw and judges instruction.

Judges instruction
The judge’s instruction will take place on Friday 11 April 2003 immediately
after the Orientation meeting, at approx. 09:30 hours. The judge’s
instruction is compulsory. Judges not participating will not be allowed to
judge. The instruction will be given by members of the TC-ACRO. This
meeting will take place in Competition Hall.
Judges meeting will also take place before the competitions.
A short Judges de-Briefing will take place immediately after the end of

Judges panels
Superior Jury
President Patricia Wade, President FIG ACRO-TC
Member Konrad Zielinski, Member FIG ACRO-TC
Member Tonya Case-Patterson, Member FIG ACRO-TC
Chairs of Judges Panels
Women`s Pairs, Women’s and Men’s Groups Rosy Taeymans, ACRO-TC
Men’s Pairs and Mixed Pairs Irina Nikitina, RUS
All other judges positions will drawn from the eligible judges present in

Jury of appeal
1. Prof. Bruno Grandi FIG President
2. Dr. Michel Léglise FIG Vice President
3. to be named

Training plan
The Training schedule schedule will be established after the
Definitive/Nominative entry deadline 10th March 2003 and sent to the
participating Federations. The definitive training schedule will be given to
the Heads of Delegation upon arrival.
Training will be held as follows:
Thursday, 10 April 2003
09:00 – 19:00 – Open training (Machuga Hall)
09:00 – 19:00 – Training as per schedule (Competition Hall)
Friday, 11 April 2003
09:00 – 19:00 – Open training (Machuga Hall)
09:00 – 19:00 - Podium Training as per schedule (Competition Hall)
Saturday, 12 April 2003
09:00 – 12:00 – Open training (Machuga Hall)
09:00 – 12:00 - Training as per schedule (Competition Hall)
13:00 Warm-up as per schedule
Please note that there will be no warm up on the competition floor in the
competition hall during the competition. Warm up possibility will be given
on the training floor only.

Drawing of lots for the starting order
The draw for the starting order was carried out 27th January 2003 in
Krasnodar in the presence of the FIG Deputy Secretary General André F.
Gueisbuhler, the TC-ACRO Vice President Victor Pestov and
representatives of the OC and the local media.

2 Skakoun Acrobatic Floors (in the Competition Hall)
1 Training Floor (not certified) in the Machuga Hall

Opening ceremony
All competitors will be requested to participate at the Opening Ceremony,
11th April 2003 at 19:00 hours in the Machuga Hall and for the official
march in 12th April 2003 at 14:00 hours in the Competition Hall.
The National track suit must be worn. Further details will be given at the
Orientation Meeting.

Medal award ceremonies
The medal winners only will be invited to participate in the medal award
ceremony. They are requested to appear in competition attire.

Competition attire - publicity
Please pay attention to the Technical Regulations (National emblem) and
the Guidelines for Advertising and Publicity. Please note that publicity on
the competition attire must be approved by the FIG.

Athletes measuring
The athletes measuring will take place Friday, 11 April all day. All
competitors are requested to present themselves at the Medical Office at
Competition Hall immediately after their training session.

The following music sources are available:
tape cassettes, compact discs (CD).
Tapes and CDs must be given to the OC upon arrival at accreditation.

National anthems and flags
Delegations are requested to bring a tape of their national anthem and their
national flag (approx. size 150 cm x 100 cm). These must be given to the
OC upon arrival at accreditation.

Pictorial declaration of exercises
The pictorial declarations of the exercises for each competitor must be
filled and handed to the Technical Director (Mr. Leonid Pesok) as soon as
possible, but no later than at the end of the at the orientation meeting
Friday, 11 April 2003, 09:30 hours.

The FIG Technical Regulations foresee, that all participating Nations are
responsible by themselves for having the necessary insurance coverage of
all participants against accidents and illness.
The Organising Committee will verify the insurance upon arrival of the
delegations e.g. cover note or photocopy of the policy.
Delegation members who cannot provide proof of adequate insurance
coverage must buy insurance at their cost from the Organising Committee.

Medical services
The medical services will be provided by the Organising Committee. A
doctor will be at your service during training and competitions.

Doping control
Doping controls will be made during the World Cup Final as per FIG and
IOC regulations by the Organising Committee under supervision of the FIG.
The doping controls can take place during the training or competition.

Seating for delegations
A special area will be reserved for the delegations in the competition hall.
Please note that all delegations (except the Heads of Delegation, who will
have a special seat) must sit in the designated area.

Video recording
All routines will be recorded on video tapes.

Please check immediately with your travel agent or the Russian Embassy
in yo